Thursday, July 24, 2008

My day off!

Yesterday was my "day off" from work, and I spent it running around having fun. I absolutely love "flex time", and I will hate to see it end next month. I would love to continue on this schedule, but after school starts, I'll have to stop. I suppose I could make MissDub ride the school bus, but that would require her getting up and getting ready on her own, which makes me very nervous. My mom and I have rented a booth at the local antique store and are trying to make some extra money. Between us, we've got a lot of stuff (antiques, collectibles, junk and more junk). My favorite thing to do is scour the local thrift stores for treasurers. I love it when I can pay $1.00 and turn around and sell it for $10. So far, my favorite item was the old garden gate that we had been using on the goat pen. It was about to go in the trash, when I decided to take it to the booth for display. I stuck a price tag on it, and low and behold, someone bought it for $30! I also collect vintage Fiestaware and have approximately 100 pieces. I purchased the Fiestaware in 1989 for $300, and it is now worth around $2500. SgtDub bought me some new Fiestaware Collector books, which were full of information and current pricing guides. I went through and tried to identify each piece by color, size, value and condition. Now I'm trying to decide if I should sell the collection in the booth, or just put it away and hope that it increases in value. Who knows, maybe it could fund MissDub's college fund (ha ha!) So if anyone out there is a Fiestaware collector and has info to share, I'd love to hear from you. MissDub and I went to see "Mama Mia" and thought it was a great movie. The music is awesome and I'm ready to see it again, and I definetely want to purchase the soundtrack. I gotta go for now, more later!


SGT DUB said...

that Sgt Dub sounds like a great guy. I'm glad you had fun, now update again, like you keep nagging me to do. Love you

Wade Huntsinger said...

Hello there Mrs Dub. Did'nt want you think that we did'nt check in with you. I would have thought you guys would have gotten back in the old days of blogging. I hate that we don't drive anymore and that we perhaps may never come your way again but it was an honor to meet your entire family. All of you are just good people. Thanks again for the Ice Cream

Wade Huntsinger said...

Still waiting for some updates!!!!!