Thursday, December 4, 2008

Catching up

I find myself at a loss for words when it comes to blogging, but I will try to come up with something interesting to report. Life around the farm has been fairly decent for the past 5 1/2 months considering SgtDub's gone again. For those of you who are keeping up with his blog, know that he's been in Arizona learning to speak Arabic. He's almost done and should be back home by Dec. 20th! Just in time for Christmas!! We had a great Thanksgiving. Dub got in around 8pm on Nov. 26th and stayed until Nov. 30th. We had everyone out to our place for the "feast", and it was wonderful! For as long as I can remember, my parents have hosted Thanksgiving at their house. Last year my dad decided it was time to start having it at our place. The only problem is, I don't cook! So everything had to be brought in and cooked on site. I did manage to make sweet potato casserole (which was delicious), and two pies (pumpkin & chocolate). Our house is bigger than my parents (except for the kitchen). My parents bought our old house when we moved to the country, and it had a great kitchen, and I miss it alot. SgtDub's planning to remodel our kitchen as soon as he gets home. We purchased a double oven last year, and it's just been sitting in the garage waiting to be brought inside. My hope is that everything will be done by next Thanksgiving, and I will be able to host everyone in our spacious new kitchen. But once I get a nice new kitchen, I think I will be expected to use it! My mom always complains that my kitchen is pretty to look it, but not very "user-friendly". In other words, don't make a mess! MissDub's doing great - she turned 15 on Nov. 4th, and is quickly approaching the driving age (argh!!!) I've been letting her drive on the back roads, and plan to enroll her in driving school in the spring. I will pay whatever price is necessary to avoid having to do it myself. It's worth the $300 to let them take her for the driving test. SgtDub is already making plans to install a GPS on her vehicle, so he can track her every move. This should be interesting. Knowing MissDub, she will figure out a way to disable the device, and will have him chasing a cow down by the river. My job is going well - it's either feast or famine. Some of you may know that I work for an "elected official", which means I will be without a job in two years. I don't have a clue about my future plans, but hope that something will come around that will keep me employed for a little while longer -- at least until SgtDub wins the lottery, and I can stay home and play. I hope everyone enjoyed a Happy Thanksgiving with family and friends, and I hope everyone will have a very Merry Christmas (or Holiday or whatever it is you celebrate). With love from our home to yours!