Monday, April 13, 2009

"The Bunny"

In 1986, I gave my dad a white-chocolate bunny for Easter. The following year, my dad gave that same bunny back to me, and thus began the "passing of the bunny". Twenty-three years later, the bunny (pictured above) has gone back and forth between us. Each year, the bunny is pulled from the freezer and removed from his ziplock bag, and whoever is giving the bunny away writes their name and date on the box. We take a picture and then send the bunny back to the deep freeze, where he waits for the next Easter. After our daughter (MissDub) was born, my dad and her started sharing their own bunny, and even SgtDub and MissDub have a bunny together. I know this ritual may sound really goofy and gross to some people, but to us, it's a family tradition that we're proud of, and I hope the bunny lives forever! Easter Blessings to All!