Friday, September 21, 2007

What's the Password?

I know I haven't blogged in a while when I try to log on and forgot my password. I never write down passwords because I'm afraid someone might steal my organizer and then they would have access to my life. Instead, I try to keep it all inside my tiny little brain. Is it just me, or do we have too many passwords? At work, I've got passwords for my phone, computer and email. My phone password requires me to change it every 60 days, and that really screws with me. I've got passwords for on-line banking, ATM, MissDub's school website, my AKO email account, Walgreens and many, many more. Plus now I have to know my driver's license number and SgtDub and MissDub's social security numbers. I'm pretty good with SgtDub's social, because that's required to check MyPay for the military! (he he) In fact, I can blurt his out faster than my own. I've tried in the past to be clever and write down some of the passwords and important numbers by adding numbers and characters to the front and end. Only problem there is that I open my organizer and wonder "what in the heck does that mean?" It's just a bunch of garbled numbers. Another thing that irks me is trying to remember combinations to locks and those keys on my chain that don't appear to belong to anything. But, you sure can't throw them away, because sure enough, that will be the one that unlocks the backdoor. Argh! I vote to have "universal passwords" and microchips inserted in our bodies that allow us access to where we need to go. Do you suppose someday that we won't have to mess around with keys? Who would have ever thought you could go without a home phone? I'm sure the technology is already out there and all the smart people are using it, but I'm still waiting for my turn. Until then, I guess I'll keep lugging around the keychain and trying to remember my password.

On the homefront, things are still going great. SgtDub has finished the bathroom, but we haven't had the official ribbon cutting ceremony. MissDub has moved in and is using it, but I still need to put the final decorating touches on it and take some pictures before she trashes the place. Our baby goats are growing like weeds, and they're very friendly and loveable. I try to go out every evening to visit them and take some alfalfa. If I sit down in their pen, they will jump up in my lap and let me pet them. The little boy (Jasper) really likes to play "butt head" and likes it when I push against his horns. The little girl (Alice) is a little angel, just like her mother (Bella). We've kept the daddy (Edward) separated from the family since before they were born, and tried to reunite them recently, but they didn't seem to want to be together. We have some new neighbors that moved in and they have 2 geldings. Our mares have been tearing up the fence between us trying to tease the boys. It got so bad that the neighbor had to string some hotwire to keep them apart. Now, they just stand at the fence and holler. If you read SgtDub's blog, you heard about his new truck. I'm so glad we finally got rid of that hunk of junk he was driving. I just wish we had been able to buy him the dream truck he wanted. Maybe someday after MissDub is off to college he can have it. MissDub is doing good and got one of the lead roles in the school musical "Into the Woods". Taking after me, she landed the part of the "Witch"! She's very excited and has lots of lines to memorize. We decided to move her from the Honors Algebra class and put her in the regular class. She was really struggling with the homework, and was not enjoying it at all. Now, she's the smartest kid in class, and it really boosted her confidence. She actually said she was enjoying math (yippee!) Now if I can just get her to enjoy housework. Okay, this blog is way too long, and it's time to take a break. Sorry the Dubs have been out of touch lately. We've got good intentions and really want to stay in touch, but it seems there aren't enough hours in the day. Hope everyone is well, and I hope you'll stick around and keep sharing with us. Be safe and have a great day!

P.S. Oklahoma will be celebrating our 100th Birthday in November, and it promises to be SPECTACULAR! If you're in Oklahoma, check out the many Centennial Celebrations.

Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Life is Good!

I'm sorry I haven't written in quite sometime, but I've been so busy enjoying my family. I'm happy to report that our air conditioner was replaced after only 7 days of sweltering heat! Our home warranty saved us a little money, but we still had $600 plus of out-of-pocket expenses. Did you know they charge you to dispose of your old unit? I think they haul it down to the recycling center and get the cash. SgtDub's been working his tail off. He's taken on a part-time job during his days off. He is working 8pm to 8am at Farmers Insurance. He gets to sit inside an office, but has to periodically patrol the parking lot. The pay is good, but those are long hours. Good thing it's not me, because I couldn't stay awake that long. He is also working another part-time job from 6am to 6pm on another day off. He really enjoys this job. He gets to sit inside an office there too, and he loves the people who work there (and I think they like him too). He's been working hard around the house. MissDub's bathroom is complete and ready to move in. I say "complete", but I haven't inspected it yet to find the 5% that's unfinished. My birthday was last Friday, and SgtDub and I spent the day sitting up a booth at the Flea Market. WooHoo! What a way to spend your special day. It was great just having Dub there and spending time together. Plus, it helps that he's so strong and can lift all the crap I'm selling. We spent our entire day on Saturday at the flea market and sold about $300. Although we only netted about $75, we were able to consign items for friends and family. They waived the normal $45 booth rental charge, so it was pure profit. I wish it was like that every time. Dub seemed really surprised at the items that sold, and the prices we got for stuff. Who knows, maybe he'll get the flea market bug and will start shopping for treasures with me. Our baby goats are doing great. They're getting really big and growing horns. They are so lovable that you can go out to their pen, and they will come up and get in your lap and let you pet them. Jasper likes to lean his horns against your hand and push as hard as he can. We tried bringing Edward (dad) back into the pen this weekend, but they were less than excited to see him. He was excited to see Bella (mom), but she obviously didn't share his excitement. We decided to put him back inside his own pen. I'm afraid we've kept them separated for too long now, and it will be difficult to reunite them. So, if anyone out there is a goat expert, let me know what to do to get them together. I will encourage Dub to update his post, and let everyone know what he's been up to . . . eat, sleep, work, etc., etc. Hope everyone has a great day and be safe out there!