Thursday, May 17, 2007

Family Vacation

Our family is faced with a quandry as to how we should spend our family vacation. We are somewhat up in the air, since we don't know the exact date that SgtDub will be home. We have a general idea, but not enough to make reservations anywhere. Thus the problem . . . SgtDub is scheduled to be home sometime around the end of June, and he will have approximately two weeks off before he has to report back to work with the police department. He can actually take up to ninety days (I think) to report back to work, but that's only if you can afford to be without pay during that time, and we can't, so he's heading back to work. We've talked about trying to take a trip, but now we're faced with the problem that nothing is available due to the 4th of July holiday - yes, the 4th of July holiday sits right in the middle of our two weeks off, and apparently everyone in the world wants to take a trip on the 4th of July. So what should we do for our family vacation? Anyone got ideas or suggestions for some quality family time? If so, please share your thoughts and ideas. Thanks and have a great day!

Thursday, May 10, 2007

Count Down To Homecoming

We're starting to countdown to SgtDub's homecoming. As of today, SgtDub is scheduled to attend a 2 week school as soon as he arrives in the U.S. Hey, what's another 2 weeks when you've been gone 15 months! This changes daily, so I've learned to roll with the flow and not to expect anything. By going to the school, we will miss out on the official "Welcome Home Ceremony". This picture was taken during SgtDub's Welcome Home Ceremony in 2003. This was an awesome day. I vividly remember the moment my phone rang and it was Dub saying that he had just landed and was back on U.S. soil. I screamed and was so excited knowing he made it back safe. I got my first glimps of SgtDub when he marched into the church with the other soldiers. It's really hard to pick out your soldier when they're all wearing the same uniform and hats. The audience went crazy and I immediately started crying. SgtDub was seated several rows ahead of us, but we weren't allowed to go to each other until the ceremony was over. Talk about anticipation! I don't remember the ceremony, only that it seemed like an eternity. At the conclusion of the ceremony, the soldiers stood at attention and were dismissed, and with that everyone in the audience ran to find their loved one. SgtDub turned around and took several steps and MissDub and I ran to jump into his arms. This was one of the best days of my life! During SgtDub's last deployment, I served as an officer on the Family Readiness Group "FRG". The FRG is designed to be a support group for the spouses and family members of the deployed soldiers. Prior to deployment, we had a meeting and elected officers. I decided to volunteer, since I felt like I would have a lot of time on my hands and I thought "what better way to know what's going on", and I was right. As an officer on the FRG, I helped organize activities for the families, holiday parties and meetings. I made many good friends during the deployment, and it was wonderful having people around me who were going through the same thing I was. I haven't been involved in the FRG during this deployment, partly because the majority of the unit is located in another part of the state. I feel like the FRG plays an important roll in the deployment, and can be a very valuable tool. They offer assistance, resources and support. My previous involvement in the FRG has helped me better deal with this deployment and understanding how the military works. I have learned that the military can be your "best friend" or "worst enemy". Once you decide to embrace it and understand it, you will be amazed at all it has to offer. I hope anyone reading this post, who is facing a deployment, will contact their FRG and get connected. Don't allow yourself to be isolated and alone. You need the support and encouragement that the FRG offers. Deployments are hard on everyone, but you don't have to go it alone. You can survive a deployment. You can use the opportunity to become more independent, and you can learn to appreciate your blessings. Absence does make the heart grow fonder! I miss you SgtDub, I love you, and I'm ready to have you back in my arms! Be safe and have a great day!

Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Rain Rain Go Away!

Here are pictures from our front yard this morning. It's been raining for several days now and is expected to continue. Luckily, we are at the top of the hill, but our neighbors are not so lucky. There are two ponds that have gone over the road and broken a dam. We have several neighbors who are stranded. Anyone who left this morning, will probably not be able to return to their home until the water recedes. I had some trouble getting to work today. I drove through several areas on the highway where the water was across the road, and I probably shouldn't have gone across, but I did, and I'm fine. I would have to say that flood waters are my BIGGEST fear. Not sure why, but I have this recurring nightmare that I'm driving at night and I top a hill and discover that the road is gone and there is nothing but water. It freaks me out! Another reason why I shouldn't drive in flood waters is because if I ever get stranded (or worse swept away), then SgtDub would never quit teasing me. If you recall, one of my first posts was about the time he got swept away in flood waters and totalled our new Chevy Pick up. I guess he thought he could make it through too. We're expecting 2 more days of rain, so if Noah is reading this, please send the ark to pick me up tomorrow. Be safe and stay out of the water!