Wednesday, May 28, 2008

I'm back

I haven't blogged in so long that I had to look up my password. Not much going on around here. SgtDub is away for two weeks of "AT" (advanced training) otherwise known as "summer camp for soldiers". I remember back in the day when my dad served in the guard and his summer camp consisted of two weeks in the field, sleeping in tents and eating MRE's. Now days, it sounds like they've got it pretty easy - sleeping in air conditioned quarters with prepared meals in the mess hall -- and don't forget that high speed internet connection and cell phones! Although it does sound like Dub is sleeping with his equipment, it still doesn't sound too terribly awful -- gee, not like being home and having to do yardwork or clean the garage (jab intended)! From the time Dub and I got married, all he ever wanted to do was be a soldier. I resisted as long as I could and he finally wore me down shortly after MissDub was born. By that time, I had my baby girl and he was getting on my nerves, so I agreed and he signed up. The reason I gave for not wanting him to enlist was based on my own childhood memories of my dad's service. I'm very proud of my dad and SgtDub's military service, but because my dad would give up his 2 weeks of vacation to serve, we hardly ever got to take a family vacation. One vacation that I vividly remember is when we got to go to Fort Chafee to meet my dad and we went to "Dog Patch USA". We visited a civil war battlefield, and stayed at a little cabin on a beautiful river. I think that was my favorite (and probably only) family vacation. We had big plans to take a trip last year when SgtDub returned home, but that fell apart and we didn't go. This year, we were working on a trip to Denver the end of June, but as usual, another summer will pass without a family trip. We did manage to take a weekend to the cabin and SgtDub took me to the Military Ball in Tulsa, where we stayed at a very fancy hotel (thanks honey!) SgtDub will have a furnished 2 bedroom apartment, so we will have a place to stay when we visit, and hopefully he will get to come home often. And also "kuddos" to SgtDub for buying me that pretty JOHN DEERE LAWN TRACTOR . . . I'm set now!