Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Miss Dub's letter to "Dear US Soldier"

Something really amazing happened this week. SgtDub was given an opportunity to read a letter that was written by his own daughter (MissDub) and sent to an unidentified "US Soldier". Miss Dub was given an assignment in her keyboarding class to write a letter to a U.S. Soldier. She had absolutely no idea where the letter would be sent, or who would receive it. MissDub does reference in her letter that her dad is with the 45th infantry in Afghanistan, but does not give his name or rank. The box of letters was received at Camp Phoenix by a Major Ellis. Major Ellis apparently recognized that there was a soldier with the same last name, and he brought the letter to SgtDub. Below is the letter written by MissDub. We are extremely proud of our daugther for writing such a wonderful and heartfelt letter. You may want to get a Kleenex before you go on . . .

Dear U.S. Soldier,

My name is “MissDub” and I would like to thank for all that you have done for our country. I know what your family is going through with you half way around the world, only able to talk to them every few days, sometimes longer. My dad is with the 45 infantry and the 180th infantry from Oregon. This is his second tour to Afghanistan. I really appreciate everything you are doing to help keep this great nation free.
I hope you and your comrades are kept safe. Our prayers are with you and the rest of the troops. I deeply cherish the sacrifice you make on a daily basis to be away from your family, friends, home, and country. I know it’s hard, but you seem to always keep strong and never give up. This country may have some people who don‘t appreciate what you are doing, but know that everything you do is for a good cause. To keep America the land of the free and the home of the brave.
When you troops come home, you help make it the home of the brave. I don’t go to bed at night without praying for you and the others serving with you. I can’t wait til you and your comrades can come home to your families! It will be such a joyous reunion.
So, with that said, I thank you again for everything you have done in order to keep this great nation free. You of all people know that freedom is never free. I hope God keeps you safe throughout the rest of your deployment.
God bless you, your comrades, families, and everyone else serving to endure and protect freedom.
Forever in debt to you and our brave soldiers,

(6th hour keyboarding)

Thursday, April 12, 2007

Dub & The Guv

This picture was taken during Governor Henry's recent trip to Camp Phoenix. Great picture!!!!

Friday, April 6, 2007

Happy Easter!

Here is a picture from SgtDub's last deployment . . . See, he doesn't work too hard!

Monday, April 2, 2007

Would the Real "SgtDub" Please Step Forward . . .

Introducing the real "SgtDub" - yes, this is what started it all! Prior to SgtDub's first deployment to Afghanistan, our family spent the last days together shopping at the mall, eating out and just having fun. We stopped in at Build-A-Bear and decided to make some bears. Pictured above is my "SgtDub" Bear, and he is as precious as the real "SgtDub". My "SgtDub" Bear is even more special because hidden inside his paw is a tiny button that, when pushed plays a message from SgtDub. My message says "everytime you squeeze my paw, I'm sending you a hug and kiss, because I love you!" MissDub's bear is actually a horse, and her message from SgtDub is a bedtime prayer that we have said with her every night, since she was born. One time, I went to pick up my Bear, and I accidently squeezed it's paw. The recording went off, and scared the crap out of me. I love my "SgtDub" Bear, and I will cherish it forever. It's the next best thing to having the real "SgtDub". They're both cute, cuddly and very special! I would recommend a Build-A-Bear to everyone! They make awesome gifts, and the fact that you can record a special message and buy special clothing is just an added bonus. So get out there now and Build-A-Bear for the one you love!